Moscow is one of the world’s great cities. Since it was first mentioned in chronicles Moscow has played a key role in Russian history. There is an old legend that says the town was built on top of the Seven hills, on a hilly territory with many rivers. Nowadays the Moskva River flows through the city. Cruising at a leisurely speed abroad one of our ships You will be able to see major attractions of the city such as the Kremlin's redbrick walls and towers, St. Basil’s Cathedral and disembark to visit them as well as the Red Square, the Lenin Mausoleum, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, The Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow State University, the Novodevichy convent and many other points of interest. You will have a chance to visit the The Armoury Chamber, the oldest Russian museum that boasts unique collections of the Russian, Western European and Eastern applied arts. Also the capital of Russia is universally famous for the Metro because of the unique design of many of its stations.